Unknown fate of seven Rohingya fishermen after being arrested in Myanmar


The fate of the seven Rohingya fishermen in Maungdaw city of Arakan state is unknown after they were arrested by the authorities in Myanmar on Friday.
A reporter of Arakan News Agency said “The fishermen boarded a boat from Akyab the capital of Arakan State and headed to the city of Maungdaw for fishing but border guards arrested them and seized the boat and handed over to the police headquarters of Aung Daung area in the city with their own gear.
The correspondent said that the fate of the fishermen still unknown until now amid fears the occurrence of severe physical injuries on them or being killed with hate attacks.
The director of the Rohingya Media Center Mr. Salah Abdu Shakour said that this case is one of thousands of cases that have been monitored through the Arakan news agency during the past period since the crisis erupted against Muslims in Arakan in 2012 calling on all channels and newspapers to highlight these practices against Rohingya Minority.

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