A Rohingya man was killed and three others wounded by police firing in Myanmar


A Rohingya was killed and three others were wounded by police firing, on the afternoon of Saturday in the village of Puakali, Arakan state of western Myanmar.
Agency correspondent reported that police opened fired on a group of unarmed Rohingya gathered to perform afternoon prayers in a mosque in the village, two of whom were dead on the spot and three others wounded, while police arrested the rest of group and took to an unknown destination.
On the other hand, violent clashes at the school in a village of Southern Maungdaw in state of Arakan among a group of Rohingya and policemen, as policemen stormed the village in preparation to arrest the activists, according to local sources, three police officers were killed in the clash and others escaped, a Rohingya man was shot and villagers rescued him and treated him.

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