Rohingyas were burned to ashes by Myanmar Army


Rohingya bodies were found in state of ashes today in Maungdaw city of Arakan state of Myanmar, the victims were completely burned inside their homes on Sunday by Myanmar Army.

This comes a day after the bloody and violent events witnessed in northern city of Maungdaw where Myanmar forces launched air assault by helicopters on the local Rohingya population in search of so called militants, according to a government official.

A correspondent of Arakan News Agency send a video clip of these burned to death Rohingya bodies and stated that the victims were failed to flee their homes during attacks by government forces by helicopter and arsonous acts towards Rohingya homes. The video footage showed a Rohingya woman and a family member to the victim, agonizingly crying for the burned human being and says:  “my father please get up.”

The Human Rights Watch called on the United Nations to investigate the recent attacks that targeted the villages of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Arakan province of Myanmar. A statement by the organization said that satellite images showed that at least 430 buildings were completely burned down.


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