Northern Arakan villages filled with Rohingya corpses

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Myanmar military forces continued raids in different villages of the Maungdaw.

Following the bloodiest persecution since the recent operations. Sources claims it is likely more than a hundred Rohingya people, including children and women were killed by Army attacks in the villages with mortars and heavy machine guns.

Intensive raids on 14th November resulted in mass casualties, more intense than the past few weeks.

In Rai Mai Bil Myanmar Army entered the village at around 9am. There are reports that nine people might have been killed when army set houses on fire and shot at fleeing civilians. There are also reports that 29 people have been arrested.

We are unable to confirm the details at the moment.

Arrests are also reported in the nearby village of Ludaing.

Another raid on Lound Don, children reported killed

The Army besieged the restless village of Lound Don. Military personnel began firing at civilians,  killing children.

Lound Don has remained tense in past few weeks, with many women, including minor girls raped by Military individuals.

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