Northern Arakan villages are empty after Army killed ‘hundreds’


Thousands of Rohingyas have gathered in outskirts of Mingala (Tara Oak) after the attacks by Army which have killed more than a hundred people in the villages of Showro Gozibil, Bor GoziBil, Saa Lee Frang, Rai Bai La, Boli Bazaar, Lound Don and Doe Tan( Ludaing) during the recent violence.

The fleeing people are living in open fields, the authorities have even refused permission for the Rohingyas to light fire to cook food or warming their body.

The humanitarian situations are dire as the Rohingyas have little food or medicine with them. Many of the children are suffering from diarrhoea and locals say it is only a matter of time before the humanitarian situation will get completely out of control.

Most of the people in the fields are the women and children as the men flee to the jungles. There are many displaced people from other villagses in Maungdaw North that have been attacked by the Myanmar military.

Myanmar military intensified their offensives against the villages of Showro Gozibil, Bor GoziBil, Saa Lee Frang and Rai Bai La after villagers armed with sticks repulsed an initiative by soldiers to rape women and loot valuables. After initially retreating, Army retaliated with helicopter gunships and heavy weapons killing scores, with some sources claiming that even by conservative estimates, more than a hundred people died in the assault that continued till Sunday.


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