Two Sons Killed, Wife Forced To Flee To Bangladesh says a Rohingya man


Khalu Abdul Hashim a Rohingya man who fled to Malaysia in 2013 to make a living, leaving his wife and two sons back home in Arakan.

Recent outbreak of violence in Arakan left his two sons killed, wife forced To flee fo Bangladesh.

“My two sons were killed for no reason by government soldiers who entered our village last week and my wife was forced to flee to Bangladesh to save her life,” related ethnic Rohingya migrant Khalu Abdul Hashim.

Khalu, 41, who resides in Terengganu , said he got to know about his sons’ fate from his wife, Sanuara Noramad, 28, who managed to escape.

“I phoned my wife to find out about the situation there when it reportedly became worse, and she said our two sons had been killed and she was forced to flee to Bangladesh as the military had entered our village.

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