Myanmar detains 3 Rohingyas on charges of communicating with the media abroad


Myanmar police arrested three Rohingyas after being summoned to police headquarters, and charged them with communicating with Islamist groups in Bangladesh as well as news leaked of murder and persecution to the media abroad.

A reporter of Arakan news agency said Police station in Junction  (Somuni) neighborhood of Buthidaung in Arakan State summoned them Mr. Mohammed Jaber Sultan (40 years old), Mr.  Mohamed Shaker Vdo water (39 years old), and Mr. Mohammad Karim Siraj (37 years old), then directed charged with communicating with militant Islamic groups in Bangladesh with leaked news of murder, persecution and provide the media abroad.

The correspondent said that police fined Mohammed Jaber $ 500 thousand Kyat Myanmar, while Mohammed Shaker fined 300 thousand Kyat Myanmar, and Mohammad Karim also similar fine, and then released them.

It is noteworthy that the government in Myanmar always direct trumped-up charges against the Muslims in order to blackmail them to physical harassment and starve them until they leave Arakan State voluntarily.

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