Rapes in Myanmar killed a Muslim girl and the other was left in poor condition


A Rohingya girl died and another suffered serious injuries due to gang-rape by state police in a village in Arakan State.
A reporter of Arakan state news agency said more than 400 members of a police raided the village Salli Frang of Maungdaw northwestern of Arakan State, and took minor girl and her brother’s wife on Monday night and then released them on Tuesday and they were in poor health condition.

The correspondent reported that the family discovered the victims of police gang-raped at night, with the physically fatal injuries on the two girls.

The reporter said that this barbaric attack was among a series of humanitarian violations occurred in the village, including the destruction of the property of the Muslims and the confiscation of 42 motorcycle, and 150 cattle from Rohingya Muslims.
The local observers said that the pace of violence and persecution, raids increased in Arakan State in recent days after the demonstrations in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, London and others places to condemn the repression and genocide against the Rohingya minority  Muslim in the state of Arakan, and is continuing to rise unless they interfere with the major powers to stop this brutal massacres that amount to ethnic cleansing and genocide.

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