Three Rohingya girls raped by the hands of the military in Myanmar, one of them in critical condition


Three Rohingya girls were gang raped on 18th of December, at the hands of the Myanmar military personnel, one of them in critical condition, as part of a series of sexual assaults on women of Rohingya minority Muslim in Maungdaw northwest corners of the state.
Arakan News Agency correspondent reported that elements of the army sexually assaulting three Rohingya girls was happened in the village of Phunja in Manugdaw, and one of them was about get married.

Pointing out that her parents found her in very critical condition.

In a related development, the correspondent reported that the army asked the people of Tun Bazaar neighborhood in Maungdaw of Arakan State, to bring 12 girls to the army camp with the aim of sexual exploitation and their employment as forced laborers, pointing out that the army threatened in the event of non-implementation of their demands, according to the correspondent of the agency.
The Human Rights Office of the United Nations confirmed on Friday that they were receiving daily reports on cases of murder and rape in Myanmar, and that the office made a formal request to the Government of Myanmar to enter Arakan province.

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