Rohingya man was beaten and robbed


Rohingya activists in the social networking sites shared a video clip of a Muslim man from the poor Rohingya minority was beaten and assaulted then robbed of his money and the confiscation of his bicycle by the army in the northwest of Maungdaw Arakan State in Myanmar.

The Rohingya man said in the video that he was returning by bicycle from a nearby village Zamoana village in Maungdaw, and was in possession of 5,000 Myanmar Kyat for medicinal usage, but suddenly he was subjected to firing towards his bicycle and fell on the ground by their impact, he run away toward a nearby agricultural fields without his bike.

He added: “Five members of the military caught him then beat him up and confiscated his money. He said Look at my head and my hands O Muslims, get me my right from these evil-doers. ”

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