Regime forces in Myanmar destroyed 40 Rohingya homes


Myanmar Regime forces demolished in 4 Rohingya houses in the village of Mirullah in Maungdaw of Arakan State, claiming that the owners were not present.

They also repeated their actions in several other villages within the same week, they demolished 36 houses and commercial shops in the village of Zam Bonnia because the villagers were Rohingya population which brings the total number of demolished houses in one week to 40 homes.

A reporter of Arakan News Agency ANA said 40 soldiers belonging to the regime were involved in this process, a large number of military vehicles, accompanied by a group of Buddhist extremist militias.

The correspondent added that the Rohingya man named Saeedul Amin bin Habib suffered injuries in different parts of his body as a result of his opposition to the demolition of his house and not being able to pay the money to stop out the demolition.

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