Police in Myanmar demolishes Rohingya homes and forcing them to flee


Senior members of the police on Monday, demolishes a Rohingya woman’s home in Maungdaw of Arakan State after being driven from continuing operations in the houses initiated by the Myanmar police demolished.

This comes after another demolition operations in the region, including more than five houses and shops along a similar operations in other villages from the villages of Arakan.

A shopkeeper named Mohammed Noor told ANA Arakan that “Police have done countless acts like this, they even destroyed my shop without giving any reason! Which was my livelihood “.

A local housewife added that “Myanmar police forces demolished my house and I will have to leave this village, and that was the goal of these operations.”

It is noteworthy that there are other similar operations in other areas of Arakan and all come in the context of forced displacement of Rohingya villages and uproot them.

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