3 Rohingyas tortured on charges of weapons possession


Rohingya activist documented a video that shows, three Rohingya brothers suffered beaten and tortured in an ugly way after being handcuffed on charges of possession of weapons at the hands of government troops in the city of Buthidaung in Arakan State.
The Rohingya man in the video clip said, his name was Nazir Hussain, and his two brothers are Mr. Zamir Hussain and Mohammed Hussain were arrested by the army in the town of Shaab Bazar North of Buthidaung then were subjected to arbitrary investigation of charges of weapons possession.
The man added that members of the army then began to restrict their hands behind their backs and beaten with iron rods and the butts of machine guns in different parts of their bodies and were kicked with boots and direct punches on the joints.
The town of Shaab Bazar of Arakan state was exposed to a campaign of raids and arrests going on since last week, which led to the displacement of the local population with their families and their children to the different villages to escape the beatings, torture, rape, and dozens of other arbitrary actions including detention, beatings and torture.

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