3 Dead bodies of Rohingya Muslims found in western Myanmar


According to state media in Myanmar on Monday, three dead bodies of Rohingya Muslims in Arakan State were discovered.

The residents of the Badagarr village in Maungdaw, found three death bodies buried.

For its part, the police identified the victims as: Mohammed Shafiq, and Sultan Ahmed, and Mohammed Ciobaing, those disappeared on January 20th.

An officer in the police, said that ” The villagers believe that these murders committed against those they were cooperating with the authorities during a military campaign waged by the government to go after the gunmen attacked police stations in November / October last second.”

The source, who requested anonymity as he was not authorized to talking to the media, that ” the militants recently targeting the Muslim villagers,” who cooperate with the authorities, pointing out that six other people were killed in similar circumstances, in recent weeks.

Following the attacks, the Myanmar army launched a military campaign of the arrests and prosecutions which is wide among the population in the “Arakan”, that left dozens of people dead, in the biggest wave of violence in the country since those that occurred in 2012.

The Myanmar claims Rohingyas are “illegal immigrants from Bangladesh” under a law approved by Myanmar in 1982, while classified by the UN as ” the most persecuted minority in the world.”

With the outbreak of violence against the Rohingya Muslims in June 2012, tens of thousands of them began to emigrate to neighboring countries for safety.

Source : Anadolu

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