Myanmar authorities resume military action against Rohingya


Myanmar army troops violently attacked Rohingya villagers in Arakan province on last Wednesday during a raid for insurgents.

Arakan news agency reported that 150 members of the army had stormed in northern Buhtidaung, Arakan province. They searched homes, checked ID cards and investigated villagers. They asked about gunmen entering the town carrying white bags on their backs, pointing out that all the people reported during the investigations not to see any armed man in the town and do not know anything about them.

The reporter confirmed that the villagers were tortured and threatened with imprisonment and murder by military members to pressurize them to extract confessions or obtain information about the militants, but they left the village after their inability to find any information but in the process they caused harm psychologically and physically to the Rohingya villagers.

It is noteworthy that the Myanmar government uses such arbitrary measures and repressive methods against the Rohingya Muslim in the state of Arakan daily, which the United Nations states as the most vulnerable minority in the world.

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